Quick tips for classroom Earth Day ideas

It's true what they say. One man's trash is another man's treasure.  But what happens when 'one man's trash' happens to be a syringe discarded in the park, and the other man - in this case my kindergardener - finds this shiny treasure during his Earth Day class activity? He felt pretty cool to find such an interesting object, but the teacher reassured me that it was probably just an insulin needle for a diabetic. Interestingly, she also mentioned that in a previous pick-the-litter-at-the-park trip, another child found a pipe. But I imagine that was probably just Popeye's. As far as class Earth Day activities go, picking up litter in the park has lost my vote. (As a family we participated in my neighborhood clean-up, but I stayed one step ahead of the kids, in full CSI mode.) Here are some other ideas for simple and fun activities to go green for Earth Day:
  • lay some mulch in the school gardens or around the trees
  • plant some spring bulbs in the school gardens
  • make an Earth Day mural
  • start a worm composting program in the class
  • come up with nature-inspired names and only use those for a week or month
  • Create some creative signs for the school (No Idling, Do you really need to print that? Turn out the lights...)
For older students:
  • calculate how many disposable dry-erase markers the school disposes of every year. Compare the cost of a buying disposable markers to buying refillable AusPen markers
  • start a garden plot to grow flowers, herbs or some healthy vegetables for the school or local organizations
  • conduct a waste audit and set some goals and ideas for reducing waste
However you decide to celebrate, have a happy Earth Day!

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