Random Acts of Kindness

Apparently this is Random Acts of Kindness week, from February 15 – 21, 2010. Doing kind acts is, of course, an inspiring message, and I take this message to heart: be spontaneous, take initiative, look beyond ourselves. This applies not only to our treatment of others, but also of the earth itself. But I’m stuck on the word ‘random’. This is the ‘in’ word right now – even my 7 year old uses the word. Synonyms for random are: chance, accidental, haphazard, arbitrary, unsystematic, hit and miss. What are we saying? That kindness to others and the earth should be so dependent on our whims? When we feel like it? What’s wrong with being systematic, well-thought-out, organized and deliberate about kindness to others and to the earth? Taking initiative to reduce waste of precious resources and eliminate toxins fall into the "acts of kindness" category...and the more deliberate, the better, I say.

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