Reducing Waste at School: One Drawer at a Time

Reducing waste at school - one drawer at a time:

Psst...what's in your top drawer?

One of our now loyal users, an instructor at a community college, told us the story of his "aha" moment about the wasteful impact of one little product.

"There was a drawer in one of the classrooms that had hundreds of used, dried markers. That drawer was the real thing for me in realizing the amount of waste. Just imagine what this is doing nationwide.

With one Refill Ink bottle and one EcoSmart marker replacing about 30 disposable markers, it's hard to ignore the waste and cost savings of refillable markers.

The instructor's students, after he made the switch to refillable markers, called it a no-brainer - and he has never tossed away another marker since making the change.

Imagine never throwing away a disposable plastic marker in your teaching career. Think of the impact that would have on your local landfill and water table. Let alone the impact on your health and your students by using a non-toxic marker.

Join the #nevertoss movement to never throw away another dry erase marker  - EcoSmart's refillable markers for the whiteboard.

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