Refillable Markers: 5 Benefits to a Refillable Marker

"Refillable markers - what an interesting idea," said the first line of the email from a university purchasing manager. It started a dialogue that resulted in a small test with one department at their school, before being rolled out to more and more departments.


The university is now keeping hundreds of pounds a year of disposable markers out of their local landfill, helping in their goals to reduce waste, but also the instructors and students are loving the healthier classroom space as there are no longer any chemicals from the markers (no more smells, headaches, etc.).

Refillable markers that are non-toxic make a lot of sense.


Here's what a few of our loyal users have to say - 5 Benefits to a Refillable Marker


"We go through more dry-erase markers than you would think possible for 50 instructors."

If you are new to the idea of refillable markers for the whiteboard, or if you are wondering why refillable markers are trending, here are 5 benefits to switching away from disposable markers in favor of re-usable ones.

But don't just take our word for it; we thought we'd let our customers do the talking for us.


#1) Save Money!

"We are saving $600/semester in our department alone by using EcoSmart's refillable markers."

-Carlos F., Instructor, Cabrillo College

By using refillable markers, you will spend about 70% less on your marker budget. EcoSmart's refillable markers cost about the same (or less) than regular, disposable markers, but then refilling them costs a fraction of the price, at about 24 cents per marker. Some schools and businesses are re-investing the savings in other green initiatives. Others are simply saving money, and there's nothing wrong with that.


#2) Reduce Your Waste!

"These markers are the solution I was looking for. It is unpleasant creating so much waste (at such a cost). When EcoSmart Markers begin to fade, refilling is easy. At this point I really see no advantage to the disposables."

-Ben J., Instructor, Fullerton, California


The waste savings created by refillable markers is significant, especially in places where whiteboards are used daily. Plastic markers cannot be recycled, so when they run dry, they make their way to the local landfill. But schools that have switched to refillable markers are saving hundreds pounds of the toxic, plastic markers from being thrown in to their local landfill every year. These teachers never throw away another disposable marker - ever. It's pretty cool when you can dramatically reduce your eco-footprint so easily.


No more markers ever go to your local landfill!


#3) Never run out of markers!

"I guess you would hear from me more often, but your marker refills seem to last forever."

-Eric A., Oakton, Virginia

Longevity and the convenience of having markers that work at your fingertips. We would venture a guess that every whiteboard ledge in North America is home to some dead and dying markers. How often have you seen teachers, or yourself, launch dry markers across the room into the wastepaper basket? Using refillable markers means that you can keep your markers topped up so they write like new at all times. No more basketball practice, ever.


#4) Sustainability Philosophy!

"Using refillable markers helps me to follow my philosophy of wasting as little as possible in my professional life."

-Indrani K., Teacher, Calgary, Alberta

If your company, school, or just simply yourself as a professional, holds a certain environmental ideal, then the products that you purchase are an important manifestation of that commitment. A 'green' school or office stocked with single-use plastic markers does not reflect the volition to make more eco-friendly choices. Using a refillable marker says that simple acts of green make a difference.


#5)  Non-Toxic Markers!

"I teach high school and community college mathematics and I go through ink like no one's business.  I like the fact that your product does not make me sick and give me headaches. You have a great product. No smell and eco friendly.  What a combo!"

-Chuck W, High School/College Instructor, Arizona


EcoSmart's markers are non-toxic, an important feature that deserves its own list of top 5 benefits. For now, we include it here as an added benefit to using refillable markers. Light upon light and one bonus one:


#6) They just keep going and going and going!

"I have been using the same set of EcoSmart's markers for 3 years or maybe 4! The colors are vibrant and the students think they're awesome."

-Amy K, Teacher, Hanover, New Hampshire

Markers that are made of recycled aluminum are built to last and last. An EcoSmart marker is made to go the distance, with Refill Ink and Replacement Nibs extending its life for a long time. Fewer marker purchases means less resource consumption, especially when the markers you do purchase are made from a recycled source.


There you have it - a handful of our customers highlight some reasons why they love using our EcoSmart markers.

You can check out our markers here - Refillable Markers


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