Sales of Green Gifts for Grads Spikes

Sales of “green” grad gifts spike over 200% since 2008, according to EcoSmart Products, distributors of the AusPen eco-friendly dry erase markers. What was only an emerging trend a few years ago is now a full blown movement, as recent data compiled from distributors of the AusPen eco-friendly markers show a huge increase in the giving of green grad gifts. “After analyzing our 2010 sales data from Spring and speaking with other green product companies it’s clear the latest gift giving trends are being impacted by the heightened awareness of “green” alternatives”, says Kerry Tuttle of EcoSmart Products. And nowhere has this become more apparent than the annual ritual of giving graduating seniors a congratulatory gift as they prepare for that next step. “In 2007, our company didn’t notice any appreciable interest in eco-friendly grad gifts, but that has certainly changed, as each year we’ve seen exponential growth in this area, culminating with a real surge in 2010. We experienced a 200% increase in purchases identified as grad gifts over our 2008 numbers,” stated Tuttle. It makes sense that this increased awareness of eco-issues would appear strongly in the grad gift sector. Every year high school and college grads are increasingly well-versed on the environmental impact of products and are aware of greener alternatives. “Their consumer choices are reflecting their higher standards,” says Tuttle, “and the businesses that innovate and respond to these green consumer demands will best serve this generation of grads.” “This trend towards eco-friendly products will keep growing,” states Tuttle, who has watched the use of AusPen markers expand due in part to the pressures young people are putting on their parents and teachers to consider green alternatives to toxic markers, “especially as these recent grads will soon reach their own full purchasing power”. Taking a cue from their favourite grads, gift-givers are focusing on the newest hot green gifts to present to them. “Our typical gift giver is Mom and Dad who have a child coming out of college and either heading into the educational field, in which they will be using dry erase markers every day, or are moving into an office environment, again, where dry erase markers are used all the time”. If you haven’t yet picked out a grad gift, here are a few “green” tips: For the Educator Grad: Arm your future teacher with a set of the world’s most environmentally-responsible dry-erase markers, designed to last through the years, reduce waste and omit toxic fumes from classrooms. AusPen dry erase markers are non-toxic, refillable, recyclable and they are made of 100% recycled aluminum…these markers never end up in local landfills. AusPen count thousands of loyal users throughout schools across North America. For the Not-for-Profit Grad: Honor the desire in your philanthropic grad to make a positive change in the world by donating to a worthy cause in his or her name. Check out the adoption center at World Wildlife Fund to choose your own species and adoption package suited to your budget and the interests of your grad. For the Corporate Grad: Outfit your office-bound grad with a bag or briefcase made of sustainable and durable materials, and with low-impact dyes. Messenger bags and backpacks made from hemp or 100% post-consumer waste rubber can be found at Green Earth Office Supply.

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