San Francisco Green Festival – Green Products and Solutions for Sustainability

Eco enthusiasts, sustainability professionals and green exhibitors will gather at the 9th Annual San Francisco Green Festival, November 6 & 7, 2010 for the best in green shopping, cuisine, education and innovation. The weekend conference will showcase innovative products and services from green school supplies, to organic foods to eco-fashion. AusPen eco-friendly markers is proud to attend the Green Festival as one of the many green exhibitors offering solutions for a more sustainable lifestyle.  The 9th Annual San Francisco Green Festival gets underway this weekend, November 6th – 7th at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center. The 2-day festival offers a variety of workshops, talks, live music, innovative green products, organic cuisine, fair trade chocolate and coffee, and a green kids zone. In attempt to walk the talk and model environmental responsibility, the Green Festival has made important strides in reducing its own ecological footprint. As the world’s largest sustainability event, the Green Festival is distinguished not only for its size, but also for its efforts in being the greenest Green Festival. Aware of the irony of a wasteful green conference, the Green Festival has hired Seven-Star, Inc., a green events planner. The Green Festival is striving to become a zero waste event by managing landfill diversion, product conversion and carbon offsetting for each of its festival locations.  All the signs and promo material are made of recycled materials, the service ware (plates, forks, cups, etc) are all 100% biodegradable, compost, recycling and e-waste bins are provided, and incentives are given for participants using greener methods of transportation.  Another way in which the Green Festival is distinguishing itself as environmentally responsible is through its selection process of the exhibitors and vendors. Unlike other conferences, the Green Festival screens the exhibitors for their commitment to sustainable business practices, ecological balance and social justice using Green America's green business standards. With over 350 exhibitors in attendance, festival attendees will be able to find products (in time for the holidays!) that are providing greener solutions for more sustainable living.  AusPen eco-friendly markers is one of the exhibitors, selected for its uniqueness on the market and contribution to sustainability. As the world’s most environmentally-responsible dry-erase (whiteboard) marker, AusPen markers are an innovative alternative to disposable dry-erase markers. AusPen markers are refillable (no waste), use non-toxic ink (no harmful chemicals and odors) and are made from recycled material (no PVC plastics), costing approximately 70% less than disposable markers. Other exhibitors at the festival hail from many different green walks of life including: renewable energy, organic products, natural health and beauty, green transportation, earth friendly fashion, and waste reduction.

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