Shocker: US Sales of Water Bottles are Booming.

In my neck of the woods, being seen in public with a disposable, single-use water bottle, can be uncomfortable. You get the evil eye. You watch people's eyes dart from your face to your bottle, back to your face, back to your bottle. You wish you had a brown paper bag to cover up your bottle - no matter if people assume you're drinking scotch or rum at the park as you watch your children play. This is all because Nestle, one of the 3 bottled water giants (next to Pepsi and Coke) is headquartered up the way, bottling our spring water. Then charging us for it, and shipping the rest away. That's why I was shocked this morning to read that US water bottle sales are booming. Not growing, booming. Just how thirsty are Americans? 222 bottles per person, per year - that's 4 per week for every man, woman and child in the US.  That's alot of evil-eyeing in my town. So, it's clear that for this round of Disposable versus Refillable, Disposable wins. It won't always be this way, but it makes me wonder what will be the impetus for change? Now how about those disposable versus refillable dry-erase markers?   For the full news story on the bottled water boom, read Charles Fishman's story in National Geographic here.  

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