Summer Calls: The Whiteboard Goes Blank

As the school year winds down, and teachers wipe clean their whiteboard for the final time of the year, we wanted to extend a big thank you to all the teachers and staff who are using EcoSmart Markers! By using refillable markers, you are cutting down not only on the cost of disposable markers, but also on all that waste that ends up in the landfill. It doesn't seem like much waste when you toss one marker in the garbage, but you know more than anyone else, how those dead markers add up through the year. We look forward to stocking your classroom, supply room and office next year... after you've had a little refill of your own.

“The markers are tough as nails and they last for years.”

-Instructor, Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School


"I continue to be convinced of the effectiveness of these markers.  Janitors tell me that they clean off whiteboards easier than other types of dry-erase markers, and I love that they are essentially odourless."

-J Hardy, teacher at Cardston


" paraphrase a well known advertisement - It just keeps on writing and writing and writing..."

-G. Spears, High School Teacher

We love to hear from you and your experiences with EcoSmart Markers.

Happy summer holidays from the EcoSmart team!

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