Surrey Schools Getting Greener

We wanted to acknowledge the Surrey School District (Surrey, BC, Canada), as several of their schools have taken a keen interest in making an "eco"-difference in their schools and local communities. This spring, these schools have been introducing our AusPen eco-friendly markers into the classrooms and so far, by our count of the orders placed, the Surrey School District has pulled over 800 pounds of non-biodegradable waste out of local landfills...and that's just the start, as they move into next term and start to order refill inks for those markers already ordered, the number will just keep rising. And there is also the fact every one of those classrooms now using an AusPen marker is a better environment for the children and teachers, as our non-toxic ink reduces the overall toxicity level. And wait, they've also saved thousands of dollars on their whiteboard marker costs, which is money that can go to other needs in their schools. Not to mention all the benefits the kids receive by watching their teachers actually practicing sustainability and eco-friendly modeling, by refilling a recyclable marker - one that never goes in the garbage bin. Thanks to those schools from us, and parents I'm sure will be thankful as well, and the City of Surrey, that now doesn't have to deal with close to half a ton of waste that will sit in their landfill forever.

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