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One of the great ways teachers are helping to provide "green" education to their students is by connecting their eco-friendly efforts with classroom discussion. From riding a bike instead of driving, to recycling, using less water, etc.

With the AusPen refillable markers, teachers often tell us what a great tool it is for opening up "green" conversation.

When teachers are refilling one of our eco-friendly markers, it's a perfect time to highlight to the class an example of thinking and acting in an environmentally-responsible manner, and how an act as simple as using an eco-friendly marker has a big impact on the local environment.

We have countless stories from teachers who have used the AusPen markers as an in-class teaching tool to spotlight issues of recycling, sustainability and reducing toxicity - and the students and their parents appreciate the steps their educators and the school admin are making to be a part of the solution.

There are many ways that teachers can engage the students on a daily basis regarding "green" living.

If any teachers have special tips that they use to foster environmentally-responsible discussion in their classrooms, please send them to us at info@ecosmartworld.com. We'll post some of the tips on the blog and we'll also hold a draw for a free AusPen Starter Kit (the equivalent of 246 disposable markers) to give away to those who do send in tips. So not only will you be helping other teachers with your tips, but you could also win an AusPen Starter Kit.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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