TeacherWishList.com for your classroom supplies

If only there was a Genie in a bottle who could grant you your wishes. That's what the new website, TeacherWishList.com, has set out to do. With teachers spending on average almost $500 of their own money a year on classroom supplies, the website aims to let teachers list the supplies they require for their classroom. The website launched at the end of July 2011, and already hundreds of teachers have set up supply wish lists on TeacherWishList.com for the 2011-2012 school year! We think this is a great opportunity for teachers to let their PTOs/PTAs/PACs, parents or school administrators know what supplies they would like assistance with. Adding a kit of AusPen non-toxic, refillable dry-erase markers to your wishlist could supply you with dry-erase markers to last throughout the year - a great solution to the problem of using toxic and smelly markers which then go straight to the landfill.  So go ahead and make your wishes known! It's wishful thinking that just might pay off!  Help Our Teachers. Visit TeacherWishlist.com

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