The Green Wedding Gift Guide

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…green? This wedding season, why not appeal to the modern bride and groom’s eco-friendly sensibilities and give green? There are many ways to put an earth-friendly twist on traditional wedding gifts. Having a sense of a couple’s tastes and interests, as well as knowing what they already own and have registered for, will help you narrow down your search for a special gift. If the guiding principle for wedding gift etiquette is all about thoughtfulness, your green wedding gift will stand out from the rest as being carefully selected and tailored to the happy couple’s sustainable lifestyle. Follow this green wedding gift guide to find some eco chic wedding gift ideas that are suited to your couple. The Traditional Couple So your couple still likes the traditional wares, but would appreciate them with a greener twist. Organic and fair trade-certified cotton, bamboo, cork, acacia wood, and recycled glass are all sustainable materials that can be found in traditional wedding gifts. Organic cotton or bamboo bed and bath linens, or matching bathrobes make a luxurious wedding gift. To add a touch of elegance to these otherwise plain fabrics, consider having them monogrammed with the couple’s initials. Cork, bamboo or acacia bowls, platters and serving spoons are a beautiful alternative to hardwood ones, and recycled glass vases are unique, and they avoid the lead often required to create crystal vases.   For sentimental purposes, and to avoid consuming new goods, you may have something valuable that you may be willing to pass on. Heirloom jewellery can be repurposed and integrated into the wedding itself. For example, a vintage brooch can be pinned on the bouquet or used in the bride’s up-do. No fine jewellery of your own to pass on? No problem. Estate jewellery can be purchased at auctions, antique markets or on ebay. The Adventurous Couple Another way to support a couple’s eco-friendly lifestyle is to purchase items that will enhance their experience of the great outdoors. Outdoor outfitters have plenty of choices from camping gear (stoves, tents, water purification systems, and portable showers) to outdoor clothing to more expensive items like hammocks and kayaks. If the couple likes to enjoy nature a little closer to home, embellishments for a garden or patio will have a lasting impact. Stone statues, a rain barrel, a bird bath, hanging lanterns, or ceramic outdoor planters make beautiful wedding gifts. Another gift idea that will offer the newly weds a unique experience is a membership to the local national parks. Also, a Wwoof membership will get the couple out volunteering, learning and staying on a network of organic gardens and farms all across Canada and the United States in exchange for help and participation on the farm. Only you would know if your adventurous couple would enjoy a chance to learn about organic gardening and getting away from the city on weekends. The Already-Has-It-All Couple The carbon footprint of a local, handmade item like pottery, tapestry, hand-blown glass or artwork is considerably less than items packaged and shipped from overseas. Take a trip to the local farmer’s market, art district or tourist area to find distinctive local treasures. The added value of local items is that they carry the unique flavour and culture of the region. A framed photograph, sculpture or painting from a local artist may be a little risky, but if you know the couple’s tastes in art, this could be a great keepsake. Who doesn’t love to receive the toasters, silver cutlery, espresso makers and candlesticks that make up the majority of wedding gifts? But you can rest assured that the other wedding guests will take care of those purchases. Your choice of a uniquely green wedding gift will resonate with your eco friendly couple, whose sights are fixed on creating a bright future for themselves and the earth.

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