The Last Lecture and AusPen Markers

Like many of you, I read "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch - the final words of wisdom from a professor, and father of 3 young children, dieing of pancreatic cancer. The lecture was entitled, "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams". One of his pieces of advice to parents was to let children draw on their walls, to let them express their creativity. His parents gave him carte blanche to paint on his bedroom walls, and that act of freedom left an indelible mark on him...and his walls. Not sold on letting your children draw on their walls? Here's a cute video of a boy trying out his new whiteboard wall, made of whiteboard paint, and AusPen eco-friendly markers. Whiteboard paint - like Idea Paint - is a great alternative to a whiteboard - no dumping of the whiteboard in the landfill when it's done, and the canvas can be as large as you paint it . Watch the joy of this boy as he learns that it's ok to write on his walls! I love how he starts small with a tentative little "hi", then quickly moves on to arm-sweeping squiggles! Watch the video here: AusPen Markers and Whiteboard Paint

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