The Nearest Landfill

I was reading a feature titled "15 must-see sights" in a men's health magazine yesterday (actually it was "Men's Health"). I meandered through the list, going from #1 (The Grand Canyon from a 767), through #3 (the inside of an industrial slaughter-house...which the point was if you did get a peak inside, you would either become a vegetarian immediately, or at the very least, switch to eating only grass-fed beef), through #10 (watching a professional chef work up close) and on to #13. Lucky #13 really caught my attention, as the must-see was "The nearest landfill". Here is the excerpt: All that stuff you toss out doesn't just disappear after it is slung on to the truck on Tuesdays. Your dirty secrets become mountains and seas of garbage hidden under mounds of clay. See one stinking mound of civilization and you'll want to change from using disposable, toxic dry erase markers to using non-toxic eco-friendly markers, like AusPen" (okay so I edited it a little at the end there, adding our own flair). But the point is, it's easy to be detached from your waste when it goes in a bag or box to be picked up each week and vanishes from your life. But a visit to the local landfill provides some real perspective.

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