The Safest School Supplies

The National Geographic Green Guide highlights our EcoSmart markers as one of the "Greenest" and "Safest" school supplies available in North America.   With their fall issue hitting newsstands right as most kids head back to school throughout North America, it was packed full of helpful reviews and tips for parents.   The Cover story was titled "The Safest School Supplies" as it focused on ways for parents and teachers to not only reduce waste in their choice of supplies, but to make the classrooms safer, environmentally, with the products they bring in.   We here at EcoSmart Products were very happy to have our whiteboard markers as one of the feature products they highlighted in their article. They also put a list together titled "Guide To Greener School Supplies", which outlined five of the best products educators and parents should know about for moving towards a "green" school.   Our markers were one of the items National Geographic tested and put on their list.   Other items on the list were Elmer's Washable Glue (low-VOC alternative), Prang Soybean Crayons (made from soybean wax) and Ampad Envirotech Recycled Filler paper.   The Green Guide fall issue is packed with great tips and articles on a wide range of "green" topics. You can pick it up at leading retail locations across North America.   Thanks to National Geographic for including us on their list of "The Safest School Supplies"

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