The Tree of Christmas Past

[caption id="attachment_811" align="alignleft" width="201" caption="Photo courtesy of The Living Christmas Company"][/caption] Last December I blogged about companies that rent potted, living Christmas trees and pick them up after all the festivities are wrapped up (...or unwrapped). Always interested in business ideas that are conserving resources, thinking out of the box, and sending less waste to the landfill, I thought I'd check in on these companies. Is the idea working? Are they still in business? Are the trees still alive? I see that the idea is booming and people have caught on. Some companies, like The Living Christmas Company in California have barcodes on their trees, so you can even get the exact same tree year after year. It's like having a guest that comes just for the holidays and gets picked up when it's all over. For some it's about not wasting trees. For others, it's about getting to see Mr. Prickly again next year (that's from a testimonial). For others, it's the symbol of life and renewal. And it's pretty safe to say that for none of them it's about saving money. Maybe I'll check up on them again next year - if people keep re-using the same tree, I figure I can keep re-using the same blog. Wishing you warm wishes from AusPen Eco-Friendly Markers.

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