Top 5 people who would love to receive AusPen markers

Are you trying to buy green and unique items for gifts this year? Here are our top 5 people who would love to receive a personal set of AusPen non-toxic, refillable markers:
  1.   1.  Your children’s teachers – the added bonus here is that your children will get exposed to non-toxic markers.
  2.   2.  An educator – “My profession is writing on the board,” a teacher once told me. A teacher’s tools of trade are very important.
  3.  An office worker – Meeting rooms use whiteboards and those whiteboards often contain half-dead markers. Give your special office worker the gift of a personal set of refillable markers in their own carrying case.
  4. A co-worker or boss – This just might start a trend in the office and what goes around might just come back around to you, as your office eventually switches to sustainable office supplies.
  5. A small business owner – what small business owner wouldn’t appreciate a gift that will lead to... no more marker purchases! And next year a few ink and nib replacements will keep them going until the next year (this can keep going)!
Happy holiday shopping! And, oh yeah! Don't forget to drop the hint that you'd love to receive your own set of AusPen eco-friendly markers!

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