Trash Talk at the Office

Trash talk has gotten a bad name...but what if it was the socially responsible thing to do? What if the office trash talk focused on, well, trash? That's just what happened in schools and businesses and homes across Canada during Waste Reduction Week, from Oct. 19 to 25. This year's theme, Too Good to Waste, reminded us to reflect upon our attitudes, habits, and choices about consumption. At EcoSmart Products, we think trash talk is a beautiful thing. So we propose a challenge for your workplace, whether in the corporate world or in the classroom, to have fun and reflect upon our patterns of waste. If your office or school uses disposable white board markers, try running a competition to see who can guess the most accurate total number of markers disposed per month. Students can get involved too! Alternatively, if your workplace already uses a refillable marker, such as AusPen, it might be satisfying to guesstimate the total number of disposable markers NOT used, total weight of toxic waste NOT sent to a landfill. Hopefully workplace and school challenges such as this are carried out in an attitude of fun and learning, knowing that trash talk is ok afterall. Drop us a line to tell us how it went.

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