Turning Trash into Treasure - Earth Day Ideas and Tips

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Idea #5: Turn school trash into an Earth Day treasure!

To bring attention to the waste created in schools, try creating art from discarded school materials. There are plenty of eco artists and designers who make an earth-friendly statement by transforming trash into treasure. Consider the following materials that can be collected from classrooms and the office during Earth week:
  • ink cartridges
  • keys from junk keyboards
  • disposable dry-erase markers and pens
  • lunchables, like yogurt containers, lids, and plastic spoons, that can be washed out
  • paper, shredded paper
  • discarded library books
  • single items, like a shoe, that has been in the lost & found for a long time
  • discarded art supplies like old paint bottles and brushes

Great questions for follow up:

What makes up most of the garbage at school? How can this waste be reduced? Are there alternative products that are reuseable? How can our art be used to educate the school about reducing our waste?
Credits for above photos can be found here. and here  

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