Waste Reduction Week Oct 18 - 24, 2010

In Greek mythology, when the Titans lost their battle against the Olympians, Zeus condemned Atlas to hold up the weight of the earth on his shoulders.  It seems that we’ve increased his load.  “For thousands of years, Atlas has been happy to shoulder the burdens of the earth, but the amount of waste we produce makes his job harder,” said Jo-Anne St. Godard, Chair of Waste Reduction Week in Canada.  Sidebar: Ok, scientists out there, this is an analogy – can we actually increase the weight of earth with all our garbage? Probably not. The point is:  Waste Reduction Week (October 18 – 24, 2010), is about getting people to do their part to help ease Atlas’ burden.  For Canadians, check out the website’s campaign, Ease My Load, to submit your photos and videos. The contest runs until Nov 15, 2010. Not Canadian? Make up your own waste reduction week for your school or office. Hint: AusPen refillable and recyclable markers make a huge contribution to reducing waste.  http://www.wrwcanada.com/ease_my_load

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