What would you teach?

 For our AusPen draw this month, here's some things that you've said you're grateful a teacher taught you:  
To succeed first you must fail.


It doesn’t matter what level of achievement you reach as long as you can be proud to know you tried your best and you supported others in trying their best!


“If he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on on you.” It may not have anything to do with math or science or English but teachers teach more than subjects. They teach us about life.


Use metaphors and analogies to make it sink in.


I learned to love how I look by taking care of myself.


From my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Wise who would play the piano each morning while we sang folk songs, I learned that singing your loudest was a great way to start the day, was okay even if you are a little off key, and is a great way to realize your true potential as a group or community!


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