Whose role is it to ensure safe products at school?

The parents? Teachers? PTAs? Administrators? School Boards? Government? Everybody? Nobody? There's little doubt that safer products are critical to ensuring a healthier environment in our schools. It's like flossing and saving for retirement. We know it should be done, all signs point towards its necessity, so what are we waiting for? The only problem with this analogy is that I doubt I could have written the title: Whose role is it to floss my teeth and save for my retirement? I guess the answer to that, ahem, would be me. At San Rafael High School in California, the students took the situation into their hands when they literally climbed a mountain to bring environmentally safe dry-erase markers into their classroom. With the funds that they raised in their hike-a-thon, the students purchased sets of AusPen non-toxic, refillable dry-erase markers. Next, they said they wanted to raise money to replace "that nasty pink hand soap"! Leave a comment below, or join our Facebook discussion about whose role it is to ensure safe products at school. Do you have any tips, suggestions or experiences in who took a leading role, and how that was done?

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