WSSU Twin Valley School District Highlights AusPen

In a recent press release, our AusPen markers were featured as a preferred green product for schools concerned about indoor air quality. The WSSU Twin Valley School District in Vermont has organized workshops for its faculty and staff to learn about the impact of good indoor air quality on learning, and the importance of eco-friendly supplies that have a safer environmental and human health profile. In the press release, Sieglinde Joyce, the co-coordinator of the WSSU School Health Team urged the participating schools to purchase the AusPen to 1) provide a healthier school building to learn in, and 2) support the ‘corporate mission of environmental responsibility’ of EcoSmart Products. We’d like to thank the workshop organizers, as well as the countless users of AusPen who support our mission to help schools and businesses clear the air of toxins and tread lighter on the earth.

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