Xylene-free markers are best for your health

Can you imagine finding out that your child's behavioral problems in school are not behavior-related at all? This has been the case in many situations where a parent realizes that the child is reacting to the effects of smelly, toxic dry-erase markers used on classroom whiteboards. How about a workshop trainer that just can't quite think clearly in his own workshops? This was the case when I spoke yesterday with an employer who was ordering our non-toxic dry-erase markers to keep her instructor clear-headed. That's a fortunate employee!  I have spoken to a  college student who said that after leaving a class in which dry-erase markers were being used, she often cannot remember where she had parked her car on campus. These may seem like extreme examples, but it's the nature of my conversations here at EcoSmart Products. In every one of these cases, AusPen eco-friendly markers has relieved these customers of their symptoms. I believe the slogan: One Small Marker, One Huge Difference! was coined in reference to all the plastic barrels of markers kept out of landfills by choosing a refillable marker. But what a difference it has made in the quality of many people's daily lives. Thinking about taking an aspirin for that headache or going for a beer after work?  Here's an illustration I found in an instruction manual on handling xylene (the solvent often found in regular dry-erase markers).

The duration of xylene’s toxic effects increases with the consumption of alcohol or aspirin.
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