Y2K and you

2010. Has it already been a decade since we were excited and scared of a new millennium? The term Y2K entered our vocabulary as everyone, it seemed, panicked about whether every computer on Earth was going to crash with the millennial date change. We now recall Y2K as the disaster that didn’t happen. I was recently reading an article in which former Business Week chief economist, Mike Mandel, stated the millennium software scare was not a rouse, but that the proactive efforts to "de-Y2K-bug" systems were necessary and effective. It’s just that its effectiveness meant we didn’t notice the problems. It got me thinking about what it takes to be proactive and make changes when the results of those changes may be hidden. Of course, I thought about schools, campuses and companies that have made the decision to switch from their disposable dry erase whiteboard markers to AusPen markers. When using the refillable and non-toxic AusPen dry-erase markers, you can’t see the non-toxic effects, and you can’t see the volume of waste not generated each year (but you can see the big cost savings when checking expense reports :)). Judging by the enthusiasm and determination of many of our sustainability-minded customers, we think that what it takes to be proactive and make changes that offer otherwise invisible results is you. There is no one else in the marketplace like the environmental consumer. Thanks for your support, and happy 2010!

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