Year-end lesson ideas

Looking for a creative year-end classroom activity? Activities that create the opportunity for reflection, visioning and internalization are memorable for us all. Give your students a chance at the whiteboard with one of these fun and meaningful assignments. (Hint: this works in offices too!):
  • Write a motto, slogan, truth, etc based on learning from this year’s class
  • Create a huge Venn diagram on the board and have the students write words, symbols or simple drawings. Headings could include: School and Summer Vacation, or Formal and Informal Learning.
  • Draw a picture of your best moment this year
  • Write a phrase (e.g. Thank you, Goodbye, etc) in all different languages (students draw a language and look it up).
  • Draw one big collective picture on the board, based on an open-ended question or phrase (e.g. What I want the world to look like is… )
 To all the educators and administrators out there who are winding down for the school year, have a great summer!

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