Year of the Dragon - A Boost for our Economy?

Yesterday marked the start of the Chinese New Year and ushered in the year of the Dragon. It is believed that dragons bring about a change year, and usually from bad to good. In general, in the dragon years, the world economy does a little better, according to Chinese horoscope observers. Bring it on! This reminded me of another dragon story I read in this morning's news. A Vancouver eatery is making headlines for introducing the world's most expensive hot dog, The Dragon Dog. For $100 you can enjoy a deluxe hot dog infused with cognac, Kobe beef, fresh lobster and truffle oil. Is the economy that much better already? If you ask me, a better way to spend $100 would be to equip 65 teachers or other whiteboard users with their own non-toxic, refillable marker so they'd never have to throw out another disposable marker again, or breathe in their nasty fumes. Whether your preferences are more down-to-earth or more Dragon Dog style, here's to a prosperous Year of the Dragon! -The EcoSmart Team

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