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- The EcoSmart Starter Kit is everything you need in one package to start using a non-toxic marker, stop throwing out disposable markers (forever) and save money. Great for the environment and your pocketbook.

It includes 6 Refillable Markers and 6 Refill Ink bottles (equal to more than 200 disposable markers!)

- The Kit includes vibrant colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green & Purple (Orange may be substituted)

- Non-Toxic Ink: ideal for everyone, but especially for users who are chemically-sensitive or those seeking a non-toxic product

- One EcoSmart Kit is the equivalent of over 200 disposable dry-erase (whiteboard) markers

- Amazing savings: the per marker cost when refilling is approximately $0.25 cents a marker

- EcoSmart Markers are made of aluminum - never throw away another plastic marker!

- Available in either Bullet Tip or Chisel Tip

(To customize the color combination in your Kit, at no extra cost, please email