Save The Planet. Save The Earth.

Saving the environment should be a significant priority on the to-do list of every human being. It’s a moral obligation and not just a wish activity to protect the environment. The environment is our significant life support with which we live, function, and carry out life activities comfortably. Without the background, there’s no life. The water, soil, power, air, including the oxygen we can’t do without in a few minutes, all come from the environment and are richly available for our free daily use.

We’ve no financial expenses to pay in return for these rich environmental resources than the obligation to secure the environment and reduce the ecosystem’s destruction. Thus, conservation of the environment and the available natural resources must be a significant concern for the private individuals, private and public organizations, and the government. Daily, we see many anthropogenic activities such as deforestation, poaching, etc., that threaten to upsurge nature destruction, wildlife extinction, and environmental degradation.

There’s an escalating rise in pollution, total fish harvesting, wildfires, and other environmental-threatening activities worldwide.  But you can also play your role in reducing the environmental degradation activities that abound today. By protecting the environment, you’re ultimately saving lives and extending the longevity of nature’s abundant resources supply via the environment.

And it starts with farming. The foods we consume two or three times a day come from the environment through agriculture. The cultivation of land for plant growth and livestock breeding provides the materials for our growth and development. But how can you save the environment through farming? You can start saving the soil by practicing the no-dig, no-till organic gardening with minimal soil disturbance.



Soil contains lots of life with microorganisms like bacteria, algae, protozoa, etc. who spend all of their lives in the ground. They help to improve the soil structure and also provide useful nutrients for plant healthy growth and development. Deep-digging of soil, therefore, would destroy the soil’s ecosystem and disrupt its form and texture.

Contrarily, the no-dig, no-till organic gardening will improve the soil structure, reduce weed outgrowth while saving your time and efforts, and yield high quality and high quantity production. Consider engaging in afforestation, crop rotation, bush fallowing, and other environmental-friendly agricultural practices; detest from harmful activities like bush burning, deforestation, etc.

Then comes the domestic way of protecting the environment. Consider conserving water, which is a primary environmental resource, by avoiding shower taps, which can cause water wastage. You can use bucket waters instead. Likewise, you can reuse dirty or used water for your garden irrigation. You can also use old newspapers for building your bird cages, handy baskets, and what have you. Avoid washing clothes regularly, occasionally wash with eco-friendly detergents and air them on a sunny day to maximize the sun’s energy.

Similarly, the earth is being polluted from hydrocarbons, poisonous gases, cars, and factories fumes, which gradually depletes the ozone layer. To avoid this, consider using sustainable forest papers and solar energy as a source of electricity and power instead of generators and machines, releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere. Likewise, you can walk short distances rather than use cars, releasing harmful fumes into the environment.

Avoid using dangerous environmental products such as plastic bags, which take over a thousand years to decompose. You can always go for reusable bags, which are relatively cheaper, durable, and more extensive. Consider using recyclable and biodegradable products that can be recycled and reused over time. Go for reusable travel mugs, refillable tin, bobber, reusable grocery bags in place of paper coffee cups, tea bags boxes, plastic water bottles, and plastic bags.

A famous charity union at the forefront of environmental protection worthy of recognition is the “Union of Concerned Scientists,” which has vested itself with the motto “Science for a healthy planet and safer world. Union of Concerned Scientists believes intense and in-depth analysis are pivotal to understanding the world’s pressing problems and solving them accordingly.

The nonprofit organization, which has about 200,000 members, including its 17,000 scientists, is widely respected for environmental advocacy. Its groundbreaking works focused on clean energy solutions, global warming, and large scale food production.


As long as all hands continue to be on deck for the unrelenting protection of the environment, the abundant environmental resources will continue to be available for man’s continual use. Play your role, save the world, save your environment, and save lives.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

- Chinese Proverbs