Our Story

At EcoSmart Products, we believe in working towards social change and environmental sustainability through the simple actions we take, products we buy, and ideas we share.

We are committed to helping schools, businesses, organizations and homes reduce their waste, protect their health, and reduce their costs associated with their supplies. It is satisfying to see how an innovative approach and sustainable products can make a difference.

We have proudly been distributing non-toxic, refillable markers at EcoSmart Products for over five years and are excited about the expansion of our product lines and exciting “social enterprise” programs as we move forward. Our customers can be found in virtually every college and university across the US and Canada, and in thousands of schools, businesses, non-profits and homes.

And that leads us to…


Just who uses our non-toxic, refillable markers and other sustainable products? We love to hear the stories from our customers.

A mature student can finally go back to college, after years of being shut out by her reaction to dry-erase marker fumes. Armed with AusPens, she can re-enter the classroom and ‘get her life back’.

A company realizes that disposable markers do not match their green mission, and turn to non-toxic, refillable markers

A grade 10 math teacher assigns his students a math project to calculate how many markers are thrown out per year in the school district, and the cost of that waste. The 25 students write to the Superintendant asking to switch to AusPen  markers, and find out that they can, in fact, make a difference.

A Teens Turning Green chapter at a California high school carries out a series of fundraisers and a hike-a-thon to raise money to buy our non-toxic and refillable markers for their teachers.

One of our customers rewrites the lyrics to Air Supply’s I’m All Out of Love in her rendition of I’m All Out of Ink


We look forward to connecting with you…